A true MaltiPoo to us is a dog from purebred parents, many MaltiPoos advertised out there are from parents that are mixes of this and that themselves, they may (or may not) have some poodle or maltese in them which is unfortunate for the buyer....as then you can end up with a shedding maltipoo or qualities you don't want from other breeds that are in the gene pool of your puppy....  the parents can have a shedding gene from the particular mix (gene) they are carrying (problems besides shedding could be the least of your worries, it  could be much worse)...there also is no quality and consistency if you don't have a good~healthy breeding plan and have great examples of your breed as your foundation
(meaning genetically sound in health & temperament in the first place). 

A MaltiPoo puppy or dog is very popular so unfortunately you will find out on the internet many times 'anything' being called a Maltipoo because that is what is selling....

I also know of lots of puppies being smuggled across the border from Mexico and being sold to other breeders or on 'breeder network' type sites as well as personal websites.  All of the reputable breeders  (all breeds) I know from my 23+ years being affiliated with the Akc do not whole sale out or sell their puppies in breeder networks....everyone I know that really cares about their puppies likes to be in touch with prospective families/owners and have a say in helping find the right puppy match for each person or family.

I have been contacted many times by people trying to sell me so called maltipoos from Mexico for $100-$200 each and they list names of other breeders who 'are doing it' for re-sale (to make their transaction/sale more legitimate is why they give out others names I guess)  so be sure who you are working with is honest and reputable and make an informed choice as to whether you care if the person you are adopting/buying from raises his/her own puppies or not.

I have seen and heard of lots of 'breeder bashing' out on the internet....why?  I don't know except I guess to make their own puppies look or sound better. It's not something I choose to get involved with.  I feel most people looking to adopt a quality Maltipoo are educated enough to see the differences in breeders, Maltipoos,websites etc....anyone these days can put up a website, start a breed club, a dog registry for any breed, print off 'papers' etc...this is very common in the purebred and mix/designer breed world....you can find many breeders who start their own breed registries and clubs...some are to discreetly promote themselves and some are to promote the breed they are in love with. 

I have seen all sorts of puppies called a 'MaltiPoo' that all look so different and have no consistency to them...and to any discerning breeder (and most average people)....they can pick out qualities and features in a puppy that are obviously not a poodle or a maltese but that of other breeds so it becomes obvious that any mix can and is being called a maltipoo to sell it quickly and at a maltipoo price. 

I am asked all the time why all the MaltiPoos out on the internet all look so different....that is the reason....they are not true maltipoos but other mixes (which brings in anything genetically from shedding genes & features that are not of a poodle or maltese ...and many of these so called Maltipoos have parents that have none or just a few poodle or maltese genes because they are mixes themselves).

You can also see 'purebred' poodles and maltese that are used to breed Maltipoos that are such a poor example of their particular breed that they don't produce a quality looking maltipoo....but with that said....beauty is in the eye of the beholder....to an experienced akc/show poodle or maltese breeder and to many who like to follow the dog shows on t.v. or in person and know a little about the different toy sized breeds available  the quality or lack of it  in adults and or maltipoo puppies is obvious...that is why you see so many differences in the "Looks of the MaltiPoos out on the internet".

I am asked quite often on pricing of our MaltiPoos compared to 'cheaper' Maltipoos out on the internet...my answer is quality and consistency, home and hand raised, sound/healthy/quality adults who are excellent examples of their breeds (Purebred/Akc (dna'd) Maltese and Poodles) who exhibit awesome temperaments and outstanding health produce the same in their darling baby MaltiPoos.  Our families job taking care of our adults and puppies is a full time 24/7 job that we LOVE.  We have lots of help too from our large family and close friends. We sell our MaltiPoos for the same price we used to sell our purebred Maltese and Poodles for when we raised them...we are working with the same quality blood lines and our MaltiPoos are no less work to raise and care for and not any less of a puppy to us because they are a designer breed verses a purebred. We feel our MaltiPoos are as close to being a "purebred MaltiPoo" that you can get....IF there was such a thing as purebred MaltiPoos....which there is not.

MaltiPoos (or any puppies) that are bred in large kennels and mass produced (this includes any merchandise or product that is mass produced) is always cheaper....most often the adults are over bred and under cared for, and not loved on, spoiled and cared for like we feel all dogs should be. If you mass produce puppies and sell quantity more than quality it will start affecting the health of your adults and your puppies which then gets passed on to the buyer who then ends up paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars in vet care to save or help their puppy they are now attached to...the cheaper puppy is all of a sudden not very cheap anymore and many times it can cost you for the life of the puppy who will need ongoing special care, it can even cost you the life of the puppy in some cases.

Most often 'Breeder Networking' sites also offer cheaper maltipoos that are bought at whole sale prices ($100-$200) and sold quickly and cheaply to someone looking for a maltipoo....quite often these puppies are not raised in healthy environments, are mass produced, and there is no genetic/parent history on them....sometimes things turn out okay and you get lucky....many times it doesn't.

There is a huge difference in bringing a puppy into your home that was hand and home raised from day 1 verses being sold and resold atleast 2+ times to other breeders/brokers/wholesalers/petstores before that puppy is sold to you  (most often re-selling or brokering  starts at 4-5 weeks old....way to young to leave his/her mommy)...it affects your puppies health, temperament and whole life in those very impressionable first few weeks.

We feel our MaltiPoos and the quality and consistency and health of our adults and MaltiPoos we produce are on the higher end than the average MaltiPoo out there and our prices reflect that.  If you fall in love with a cheaper MaltiPoo from another site we are completely fine with that, we know there are less expensive MaltiPoos out there on other sites....we want each prospective MaltiPoo adoptive person to make an informed decision.  We know the differences in what we have compared to what other sites may have stands out....We are called and emailed all the time by people we have never met who have been searching for a maltipoo and learning all they can for weeks,  months and sometimes even years  that tell us how our MaltiPoos are the cutest and stand out compared to others that are out there, even if people can't afford one of our MaltiPoos they know there is a difference and quality in anything costs more.
We have studied genetics, have bred purebred dogs for over 20 years, we are educated and have a background in medical and veterinarian care, we love what we do and last but not least we love our dogs dearly and love raising quality MaltiPoos that will love you and bless you for years and years to come.

Sincerely, The Just MaltiPoos Family
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Maltipoo, Maltepoo, Maltapoo, Multipoo, Multapoo, Malti-Poo,                        Malte-Poo, Multi-Poo, Multa-Poo

No matter how you spell it they are the same dog and a very popular choice for singles, families, college students, & companionship for all ages, and they live happily in a city                    condo/apartment or out in the countryside.

maltepoo or maltipoo puppy picture
maltipoo or maltepoo caramel-apricott color puppy picture
maltipoo,maltapoo,maltepoo,multapoo,multipoo, maltipoo puppy picture
Home Raised~Fresh Country Air~High Quality Food~There is a difference in our MaltiPoos~
We have many happy adoptive families who will gladly give you a reference and many have adopted 2 or 3 from us and referred their friends and family to us over the years.