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Our MaltiPoo pups are home raised, paper trained, have a 1+ year health guarantee and have exceptional personalities because they are raised in the midst of our every day life with kids and other  dogs.

Male verses Female: Breeders will tell you females love you and males are in love with you.  A male fixed before his hormones come in will make a nice pet, continue to squat like a girl and not hike his leg
Payment Options are: bank wire, money order, western union, cash or Visa/Master-card/(debit or credit)/Discover or American Express via our online secure server (we can send you an online invoice) or the above debit/credit payment by phone (5% card processing  fee charged to balance when using credit/debit/online or over the phone as that is what we are charged for this service)
Our MaltiPoos are  first generation 50/50  true MaltiPoos bred from purebred, genetically sound, healthy Poodles and Maltese. Our Poodles and Maltese are all excellent examples of their particular breed and our quality and consistency shows by looking at our past puppy picture pages or albums.

A half/half (mix) which is what a MaltiPoo is doesn't have akc papers but you can register them with some of the other breed clubs out there. CKC registers Malti-Poos

Our Malti-Poos  have pure bred AKC parents of their breed. The mixes from purebred parents of different breeds has become very popular due to the outstanding health if they are bred from healthy lines in the first place.  Hybrid Vigor is a term that is used when you breed two purebreds of different breeds, the offspring are exceptionally healthy and first generation offspring from two purebred parents of different breeds don't carry the genetic problems common to that particular breed. SEE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON THIS. 

The genetic problems will start showing up in 2nd generation and beyond or if the original parents are mixes themselves.
Read the About Us page to learn more about the puppies we raise in our home.
More info links are coming soon (under construction now) in regards to MaltiPoos and what many of the differences are between breeders to watch for when choosing a MaltiPoo baby.

All of our pups are toy or tiny-toy sized as adults with great temperaments and high intelligence.  All are non-shedding/hypoallergenic and can have fluffy or shaved faces, coats grown out longer or kept in a puppy/shorter cut.
Check the pictures page for past Malti-Poo pictures
Malti-Poos are a very friendly and socialable, they are hearty eaters and start weaning themselves at 3-4 weeks...they start climbing in mom's food bowl and eating with her at about 3 weeks and just LOVE people.  They start interacting with us very early on and have something extra sweet and loveable to their personalities that I don't see in other pups. Malti-poos are like little clowns and love attention (must be the poodle in them) as well as they are extremely smart and easy to train.
See NEW-Available Page for more info on current availability & expected litters

The $400.00 deposit is non-refundable~no exceptions so please don't commit to  a puppy by placing a deposit down on him/her if there is the slightest possibility you will not be able to pay the balance, have a pup at your house, take it to work with you or whatever your plans are.....please be sure you have it all figured out BEFORE you place a deposit down on a puppy.
The Pink Paw link is not connected to us, they are a link exchange we have done with a  boutique we like and recommend for high end retail puppy items....PLEASE DO NOT CALL THEM TO GET AHOLD OF US FOR ANY REASON AS WE HAVE HAD SOME COMPLAINTS THAT PEOPLE ARE CALLING THEM WHEN OUR LINE IS BUSY, WHEN THEY GET VOICE MAIL ETC....WE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO OR WITH THE PINK PAW. Our info is on the available page or you can email us from any of the email links on any of the pages or directly at or
EMAIL IS THE QUICKEST & EASIEST WAY TO REACH ME WITH TIME ZONE DIFFERENCES~MANY TIMES WE ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR WEEKS AT A TIME (it will be posted on the available page if we are not able to answer emails)~HOWEVER YOU ARE WELCOME TO CALL US ALSO~PLEASE LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE IF WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ANSWER....I ANSWER EMAILS AS OFTEN AS I CAN,  MANY TIMES LATE AT NIGHT VIA MY LAPTOP~PHONE MESSAGES MAY TAKE SOME TIME TO GET AS WE TRAVEL QUITE OFTEN. We do not have babies available all the time so if you are looking for a sweet baby to adopt from us, most people get on our deposit-waiting list. Please follow up voice messages with an email as quite often I cannot discern phone numbers left on voice mail as many people speak quickly or excitedly when calling about a maltipoo baby.
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teacup maltipoo puppies
Please be aware of the differences in breeders, prices, and what a MaltiPoo is and what is being
called a Maltipoo.  Read more info on this subject in the page link below called "MaltiPoo Info"

There are many spellings of the breed name for this adorable little dog which include:
Maltipoo, Maltepoo, Maltapoo, Multapoo, Multipoo, Malti-Poo, Malte-Poo,Malta-Poo, Multa-Poo,
Multi-Poo, Maltese-Poodle, Moodles, Malt-oodles, MaltiPoodle, and I am sure
there are more....those are just the ones I am aware of. 
Teddy Bear Apricot maltipoo pupppies
maltipoo, multipoo, multapoo, maltipoos, maltipoo puppies
parti colored maltipoo adult picture

The Yahoo Email Address is the quickest way to reach us & is checked more often. You may need to copy/paste our email address into your email program/address book.
We are accepting a few deposits now for our maltipoo deposit waiting list.  April 2014 NEW MALTIPOOS AVAILABLE
See  our  NEW available page for more info. See our 'old' available maltipoo page as well as the other links for pictures & more info about adopting our maltipoos.


We only have 0-4 litters of our maltipoos per year. We plan our breedings based on what what we have deposits in for.
We do not have maltipoos year round or even every year. Email us to inquire on any upcoming plans for availability or to get on our deposit waiting list.  We have a full & busy life with our kids and grandkids so please understand we answer emails as we can. Our maltipoos are top notch and definately worth the wait. Check out our other page links below to learn more.